This site lists scientific publications (books, and reviewed journals) based on the Enertile modeling platform. Project reports are listed on the projects page

Type Media Author Year Title
Journal Pacific Journal of Optimization Genoese, M.; Sensfuß, F.; Möst, D.; Rentz, O. 2007 Agent-Based Analysis of the impact of CO₂ Emission Trading on Spot Market Prices for Electricity in Germany
Journal Energy Policy Müller, M.; Sensfuß, F.; Wietschel, M. 2007 Simulation of current pricing-tendencies in the German electricity market for private consumption.
Book VDI Verlag Sensfuß, F. 2007 Assessment of the impact of renewable electricity generation on the German electricity sector
Journal Energy Policy Sensfuß, F.; Ragwitz, M.; Genoese, M. 2008 The Merit-order effect: A detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation on spot market prices in Germany.
Journal Power and Energy Magazine, IEEE Volume: 8 Barroso, L.A.; Rudnick, H.; Sensfuß, F.; Linares, P. 2010 The Green Effect
Book Fraunhofer Verlag Held, A. 2011 Modelling the future development of renewable energy technologies in the European electricity sector using agent-based simulation
Book Kassel University Press Dallinger, D. 2012 Plug-in electric verhicles integrating fluctuating renewable electricity
Book KIT Scientific Publishing Genoese, F. 2013 Modellgestützte Bedarfs- und Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse von Energiespeichern zur Integration erneuerbarer Energien in Deutschland
Journal International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy (SGCE) Boie, I.; Pudlik, M.; Ragwitz, M.; Sensfuß, F.; Bohn, S.; Agsten, M.; Bretschneider, P.; Westermann, D. 2014 Scenarios for Renewable Energy Deployment in North African Countries and Electricity Exchange with Europe – A Model-based Analysis for 2050
Book KIT Scientific Publishing Pfluger, B. 2014 Assessment of least-cost pathways for decarbonising Europe‘s power supply A model-based long-term scenario analysis accounting for the characteristics of renewable energies
Journal Renewable Energy Boie, I. et al. 2016 Opportunities and challenges of high renewable energy deployment and electricity exchange for North Africa and Europe – Scenarios for power sector and transmission infrastructure in 2030 and 2050
Journal Energy Policy Winkler, J; Gaio, A.;Pfluger, B.; Ragwitz, M. 2016 Impact of renewables on electricity markets – Do support schemes matter?
Conference Paper 15. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz Bernath, C.; Sensfuß, F. 2018 Modellierung von Wärmepumpen in Wärmenetzen und Analyse der Auswirkungen auf das deutsche Stromerzeugungssystem
Conference Paper 15. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz Franke, K.; Sensfuß, F.; Pfluger, B. 2018 Identifizierung kritischer Wettersituationen im Hinblick auf die Stromerzeugung in Westeuropa
Journal Energy Policy Held, A.;Ragwitz, M.; Sensfuß, F.; Resch, G.; Olmos, L.; Ramos, A.; Rivier, M. 2018 How can the renewables targets be reached cost-effectively? Policy options for the development of renewables and the transmission grid
Conference Paper 15. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz Lux, B.; Pfluger, B.; Sensfuß, F. 2018 Wasserstoff als Flexibilitätsoption im europäischen Stromsektor
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